Which years had an accelerater cable???

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Jan 22, 2003
I'm rebuilding a carb and noticed one has a accelerater cable fitting instead of the rod linkage. What years had the cable vs rod linkage?
Ed Long ???
According to SOR, 1968 to 9/73 had acc cable.
I have a rod linkage that I took from a '78 carb when I put it on my '71, if you need one.
Thanks for the info. I've got rod linkage on my '66 so I won't need yours. Is the cable a good setup?
my 76 with an 82 2f has a cable. the return spring on the carb snapped on me, and the cable jammed, and another cable on a different 40 snapped on me... but i am a hard bastard on my junk

never heard of the rod linkage...
I had a '68 MGB with 2 SU carbs and a cable linkage. I was about 3 miles from home in heavy traffic and the cable end gave it up. My roadside fix was to put a book of matches under the idle speed screw and bring the idle up to about 1800 rpms. Drove home like a piece of heavy equipment. Only got funny looks at stoplights. At least it got me home.
my hj45 was the one i busted the throttle cable on (in the middle of nowhere, and no one in victoria that i could find stocked one), my solution was similar to the matchbook, but i just used duct tape on the throttle where the cable hooks up, to get the revs to sit on about 2300 rpm. really reved the t!ts off the old diesel on the 4 hour journey, but at least i got about a 80 Km/h top speed. it was a long trip, and people thought i was wierd at the lights too
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According to SOR, 1968 to 9/73 had acc cable.

yep, that correct(or darn close)
If anybody needs it I have a good cable and pedal assembly from a '72, $20.

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