Which winch do I use?

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Sep 12, 2006
Visalia, CA
I bought a used first generation ARB from a mudder. He did not know what winch fits? Do you any of you?

Kurt at cruiseroutfitters will know.
8274-50 fits with a touch of grinding.
Probably the M10000

Not sure the vintage of your ARB Bumper, but mine bumper was made to fit the Warn M10000. I have that on mine - good fit. I haven't seen the M10000 for sale anywhere (talkin' used, classifieds, etc) in a long time. Warn discontinued them a while back, ARB bought'em up and re-sold them until they were gone.

The old school ARB bumper (given that its a winch model) will fit the M8000 and M10000 (maybe the 12 but IDK) There should be a fitment chart on ARB's web site to confirm this. Mine has an M8000 on it, fits fine.
Look and see if the winch mounts are set up for feet forward or feet down. I think the ARB stuff came both ways. You can mount just about anything but by letting us know which version you have will enable someone to tell you which winch it was designed for.
Thanks for the replies. It looks like the 8274 or the M8000/10000 is what works. It does have a footing to the front and not so that you can set the winch on top.

Have a good one.

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