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Oct 2, 2004
White Mtns. AZ
Ok I've located a donor motor for my 74 FJ40 (actually it's a complete truck) it's a 1990 Chevy 2WD 3/4T with an auto. I have a few questions reguarding the drivetrain. I know if I keep the toy 4sp that I will need an adaptor(most likely mark's?) to mount to the tranny. Should I spend the money on a SM465 instead? I thought about using the auto tranny from the truck, but would like to keep the standard. From what I understand I will also need to change the output shaft on the 465 to work with my transfer case. Can anyone think of any other things that will need to be changed?
I'm also doing a sag ps and wondering what type of motor mounts to use with the 350. I'd prefer to do this without spending too much $$ but I only want to do it once and be done with it. :D

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