Which vehicle would you choose?

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Oct 10, 2017
A 2003 LX with 120k and no history, or a 2006 LC with 160k and full dealer service history? Same price. I know what I'd lean towards (not having seen either, yet) but wondering what the experts here think...

Planned use is <5k miles/year, mostly local driving rather than highway, with beach & snow use reasonably frequently depending on the season.

06 LC
The dealer history is way more important that a little bit of milage.
06 LC.
Another vote for the 06 Cruiser.
Are they in similar condition? AHC on the LX can be costly but if the LX is in significantly better shape that could possibly sway me.....

06 Cruiser would probaby be my pick though.
I would look into the VVT-i engine that was added in 2006 to whether that is something you would prefer. According to most, the VVT-i is an interference engine, so that is something to consider. Also, in 2006 AHC was added as an option, so the '06 may have AHC. Some like to avoid AHC due to cost to repair. Both have the 5 speed transmission, so they get a little better gas mileage than pre '03 cruisers.

With that said, the most common advice is buy the newest Land Cruiser you can afford. For me it's too close to choose without other factors being known.
Rust would be my determining factor.
06 for sure
The 06, no question..all things being
Almost unanimous - and exactly what I was thinking. I'll try to take a look tomorrow and hope for the best rust-wise...

Thanks all for confirming what I already knew.
More horsepower, one piece headlights, updated taillights. This is a n brainer, not sure why the price is the same, in my market, the 06 is easily 3-4K above that 03

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