Which tires are best?

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Mar 27, 2003
Between: MTR/s
BFG Mud terrains
SSR super swampers

My cruiser is a daily driver, so ride and noise play a part in my decision. Not looking for rock crawling benefits, mud, snow and ice are what I drive through.

I run 285/55-16 (~33x10) BFG-MT's on my GMC 2500HD daily and have no complaints...ice storm right now and I'm getting around just fine. No sipes yet, but intend to hand sipe the center lugs when it warms up...if it EVER does....

My buddy runs SSR's on this Dodge 1500 (35's) and other than some initial balance problems, he likes them. Kinda wide for towing tho...
For an all-around tire, which can get you where you want to go and give good manners on the street, I'd vote for the BFG MT's.  I'm on my 4th set and can say that I'm very pleased every time.  They're great on rocks/snow/mud/slickrock etc. and only dig a little in soft sand.

If you can have only one set, go with the BFG's.  I do believe that the Swampers may be a better off-road only tire, though.  I'm not sure what the speed rating is on the SS, but the BFG in a 31x10.5 is S rated at 115mph.

I've always gotten 50K out of my BFGs, and I don't think SS will come close to that mileage (25-30K maybe).

O'Yeah, I'm at 7000' and snow is a major issue...I love the thin BFG MTs!!!

The BFG MT's suck compared to GoodYear MT/R's. I have the BFG's on my 100 series and they are louder and doesn't stick as good on snow and rain as the MT/R's. Just my personal opinion.
I do admit that the new BFG MTkm is louder than the old design....but, I've always had them on 40's before, so it might just be that the vehicle is quieter. :dunno:

Haven't had any experience with the new Goodyear MTRs, but the price wasn't good enough for me to try Goodyears again, after having an older set of Wrangler ATs, that I absolutely hated, so I stuck with the BFGs which have never given me a problem.

I'm sure Junk can chime in with his opinion of the MTRs though...


Christo, so, for 4-5 feet of snow, which is better, MTRs or Swampers! :D
What about Interco SS TSL radials? They are much better in mud etc than BFG anything, and are quieter, ride better, and last longer than SSR's.
Anybody with an opinion on the Interco Trxus MT? I have not run BFG MTs on my cruiser, but I have had them on a number of 3/4 ton 4x4s. They were ok on road, good in mud & rocks, but not very good on snow. They had a tendancy to skate around on snow. I like a softer compound tire because I am willing to give up tire life for better traction.
Not sure if you're in snow at all Yomama , but if you are my understanding is that mud terrains will tend to plane . I run a daily-driven 80 , and I prefer BFG AT KO's . I started with 295's and now have the 315's . This is the only tire you'll want ; only the size remains to be seen . Again , I can't recall if you're S/C'd or regeared etc ... but if you are 315 AT's

No brainer :stupid: :D

Yeah my vote is for the BFG AT KO's also. I run the 295's and they are great on and off road. In snow and mud. Very quiet on the road. Good wear characteristics.You would like them.
i usually go with bfg at's
my 80 came with 32" sport king at radial so far they seem to be good in mud and snow (other than getting stuck in 3 feet of snow on a snowmobile trail)
seems like they kick the mud off better than the bfgs, could just be that the 80's better than anything else i have my bfg's on- 4runner, 40 and nissan pickup
Wild Country RVT.
I have the mud version.They make several versions of the RVT. I have used then for the last 18yrs. I got the Wild Country TRX on the 60 as they don't make the mud RVT in 33x9.50x15. TRX is less of a mud tire than the RVT mud but still good. The best part is that they were only $135 vs $200+++ for any other mud tire I priced.
Would the BFG AT's be a comparable replacement for the Michelin LTX? Anything else? Just dont feel much like supporting French products right now! Our 11,000 plus service men buried at Normandy must all be turning in their graves at this point.
I hate to break it to you, but Michelin makes BFG tires... :tear:

The BFG AT will be a good upgrade from the Michelin LTX M/S. Slightly more agressive, with better sidewalls.


Once again, I've never had a problem with BFG tires, and have really liked every set I've bought, both AT and MT tread designs.
HMMMM, that's to bad. What's left, Goodyear and Firestone?
Does anybody have any experience or second-hand knowledge of the Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo for onroad/offroad but no big mud or rock crawling? I put them on recently in 285/75/16 and they did great in our ice storm, I haven't gotten stuck offroad and I don't notice any road noise from them. I've seen no mention of them by anyone. I bought them b/c I love their SO3 on my sports cars.
Coopers! They make the swampers and many other brands of tires. I'm running Cooper Discoverer S/T LT265/75R16 on my daily driver. They have wider tread than my wife's LTXs, same diameter, slightly louder, more aggressive looking. Possibly stiffer, but I got the heavier 6-ply rated LT, and air bags in my rear springs. I cold siped them at Discount Tire. &nbsp:Don't use a hot blade, it melts the rubber around the sipe and makes it brittle. They're great in deep snow, ice, wet pavement; good in wet mud, clay, sand. They load up in mud like anything that's not a swamper. I haven't had them on slick rock. They're used on govt and commercial vehicles and wear well. My brother had a pair on his Montero, loved them, plans to put them on his 80 next. I'm on highways and off-road with a large trailer nearly every day, often in axle-deep something, they've done well. Wish I'd gone wider when I'm in sand, glad I didn't on rainy, slushy highways.
I've got the 315s BFG AT KOs and now have 50k on them with no end in site. Almost seems like I'll get another 50k out of them. Reasonably quiet and good in snow and mud. There is probably better off road tires but this tire is above average at everything.

Just stopped by Desert Rat for the rep's preference between BFG ATs (or MTs) and the Goodyear MT/R. &nbsp:Desert Rat down here in Tucson sells both (though doesn't list the Goodyear tires on its Website).

Here's what he said: If on the road more than 50% with the vehicle, BFG ATs are the way to go---best all-around performance and wear. Goodyear MT/Rs have stronger sidewalls, better for straight off-road, but BFG ATs are still very good.

Here's the clincher for me: BFG ATs can expect to get at least 40K, while Goodyear MT/Rs only 20K (at least according to this guy for use around Tucson). When both tires (from Desert Rat) run about $200 a piece for 285/75 R16 (or $930 for 5 installed), an additional $1K every 20K miles is a lot.

I'm not personally interested in the BFG MTs because snow and mud are, alas, not an issue down here.
Simmons, knowing the type of terrain you've got down there, I think you'd be very satisfied with a set of the BFG ATs. If I were in S.Az, with more than my 50 yard commute to work, and no snow to deal with, I'd have gone with the AT pattern, and I generally recommend them to my friends who need a good all-around tire.


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