Which Tire and Wheel Combo?

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Feb 7, 2008
Spokane, WA
I'm headed to Seattle this weekend and going to be taking a look at these two take offs off new Tundra's.

One set are TRD wheels with the BFG Rugged Trails

TRD Off-Road 18" wheels and tires 07-08 Toyota Tundra $600 - OBO

One set are Regular Aloys with Michelin LTX M/S

07+ Tundra 18" wheels and tires

These would DD Summer Tires as I have a set of Toyo AT's on the stock 16's for the fun stuff, and Blizzacks for the winter.

I've had the LTX M/S's on my old Tacoma and loved them, but have never run the Rugged Trails.

Also, I know they bolt right on and the caps need modiying, but will the stock caps fit right on so I don't have to modify?

So, let's here it, whadyathink?
My 100 came with the BFG Rugged Trails, and after the workout I put them through on vacation off road, I can say I was pretty impressed. They are more of an all terrain tire.
What about road noise with the BFG. Anyone had experiance with the LTX at this size? My Tacoma was a 2wd so they were only 205's but they were really quite quiet.
BFG Rugged Trails are quiet on the road. At least I think so, after years of driving an FJ40 with BFG Mud Terrains as a daily driver... :grinpimp:
Spokane, personally I like the look of the alloys over the shiny offroad wheels. Also, your LC center caps would probably match the alloy rims, but might look strange with those offroad rims.
I think I' going to go with the machined alloys with the LTX M/S on them. Ca anyone who has mounted the Tundra Wheels on their LC/LX that the factory caps will fit with the Tundra wheels? Thanks!
There is a thread somewhere that the center caps off the newer style Tundra alloy caps do NOT fit... not sure about the machined
You are correct, the Tundra caps will not fit on the LC without some patient modification with a dremmel. There is a very nice write up on fitting some Tundra 20's on a LC.

However, what I am asking is will the stock LX caps fit on the Tundra wheels on the LX? Has anyone tried?

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