Which suspension should i use?

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Sep 4, 2003
I just purchased my first toyota l/c and am totally digging it.
I did'nt get it strictly for muddin but will do some of that here in the northwest. I wanted the reliability and bullet proof powertrain. and believe it or not the third row for my expanding family. my question is i will be doing alot of road driving and snow driving over the pass. my suspension feel really bouncy like there is'nt any dampening going on with the shocks. My l/c has 92k and no service records. where should i start to smooth out the ride? i don't want to lose any fillings
going down the highway. I am also going to go through the right of passage and do the birf repack myself. Any time i can get away with buying new tools I will take it.
Old Man Emu = best thing you will do for ride and looks.

If you are going close to stock looks, just get the light spring kit and you will be riding like a caddy.
Thanks much I can't wait for the smooth ride. Do you know of any good suppliers on the west coast?
Gar Kardum / aka: MUDRAK


Phone: 707-996-5272 / He is in Sonoma, CA

I pusrchased new OME Springs from him about 4 months ago and gave me a very good price. Not to mention Gary is an all around good guy and a true "Cruiser Guy" :D
Edit: I see you are in cali...

mudrak is good stuff.

you gonna install or get it done?
Im in oregon in the willamette valley the mud capital of the world. But we do have everything you can possibly imagine ,beach, mountains, desert so the landcruiser will get some use. Thanks for all the replies Iam heading to the beach for the weekend.
ARB and OME ship to Seattle from Australia...should be some local folks up there.
Search the archives for "suspension", "springs", "shocks" etc. You will get most of the info you need to make the right decision for you. One word of caution. You WILL use this vehicle for more wheeling than you first admit. You will add more heavy armour than you will at first admit. Look at my byline below. I thought I would be happy with a complete stocker. :D :D :D But when I found out how comfortable this thing is to wheel.........
Gary is a super guy and also check out Christo's site at www.sleeoffroad.com. Do yourself a favor and buy your stuff from either of these two. Don't buy it from some scab dude. Both of the above are a credit to the wheeling community and frequently do everything they can to help guys out.

Scabs are just that - scabs.

I hate scabs. Always have and always will. Nothing worse than a scab on the ole :banana: - but alas I digress. :flipoff2:
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Im in oregon in the willamette valley

hmmm, send me a case of wine and I'll send you a spring ;)

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