Which Saginaw pump (remote resivor)

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Jan 8, 2004
Hi all

I know this one is a little stale and lots of write ups under search. But I have yet to see a Saginaw part number . What would i uses if I poped into a shop and ordered a brandnew one across the counter.

This pump will reside on a modified bracket of a 12HT engine, which is low down , under the injector pump and this requires a remote resivor.
I want to fit and forget, so i need a model which will out perform the standard Toyo unit, with the ability to handle bigger tyres and a bit of rock crawling later if required and possibly even hydromatic brakes .

Basicially my question is: What partnumber do I give the parts guy??
I would ask that question on "Hardcore Corner" on MUD They are always blowing s*** up and trying to make it stronger.

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