Which Rear Leaves to Remove?

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May 9, 2007
The PO added some leaf springs to the rear packs for extra load carrying capability. I would like to remove them for a softer ride, more flex and improved ground clearance under the axle.

By looking at the photos and thinking "which of these are not like the other?" I have an idea of what can go. I have reason to believe that the springs are from some really old lift kit, but I want to use what I have and improve if possible.

So, give me your input as to which leaves it looks like I can remove without negatively affecting performance. Also, what parts should I have on hand to replace? U-bolts? Will I be able to reuse the clamp/wrap thats on the shackle end? I may do a u-bolt flip because on my last wheeling trip, the rear springs were constantly getting hung up on rocks. Of course, my massive 32's were doing all they could to keep me moving :D

A few things about my 60: it has a 42 gallon fuel tank behind the axle, spare 31" on a swing out bumper, nothing on the roof and usually not carrying anything inside.



Wowza he added a lot of spring back there. The rounded leaves are the factory ones if I'm not mistaken. I would leave at least one of those aftermarket ones in there otherwise you're gonna have some flat springs haha.

Maybe even remove just remove one of the identical leaves that are like 4th or 5th up.

Think about how much 42 gallons of fuel weighs also. How does the 60 sit currently? Rear end higher than the front?
It looks like the third and fifth from the top are not originals. My theory with U-bolts is this; if they are old and nasty looking, replace them. If they are relatively new and come off without a fight, I reuse them. Most of the time it requires cutting to get them off so the solution there is obvious.
The truck sits level right now. I'm hopping the additional springs are providing stiffness and not added height.

I think I'll remove two of the three when I get to it. I'll probably buy u bolts to have on hand so I'm not waiting for them if I need them because this is my DD.
On second look, those are not the original rear shackles, they are shorter, they look like front shackles. You might do well to lose the extra leaves and get a longer shackle.
The sheared-end springs are not original. The smoothed, rounded end springs are Toyota.
Pics of how it sits please, before you take anything apart.
This is the best I could find on file right now. Its dark out, so I'll get a better profile of it tomorrow.


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