Which rear axle to choose??

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Jan 20, 2015
Hey guys and gals!
I just joined! Yay! Anyway, my vice is a 71 FJ40 with a calm 350, SM420, Toyota TC with some Marlin goodies and 37" tars.
That's a centered output case (obviously), and I'm sure that this topic has been beat to death, but, name one that hasn't...
It has an FJ60 front axle assy C&T'd and it's titties! However, I have a mini truck rear axle assy in it and it scares me.. It has good brakes and lots of ground clearance, but I read that the housing is weak..? The places where I wheel, if it breaks in a bad way, the rig might be permanently "donated" to the land..
What do you guys think? Should I truss the housing up and upgrade the axles in the mini rear? I heard recently that a FJ80 rear axle will get the pumpkin close enough to center to work out? WWJD???
I don't do any hardcore rock crawling and I try to take it easy on my rig, but doesn't it always start out that way?
Hi all,

I'd suggest doing some online searching for upgrade parts for the mini-truck rearend. Definitely truss the axle housing.

Obviously, there are "better" (stronger) options for a rear axle - Dana 60, GM 14 Bolt, Ford 9 Inch, etc. These will take more work & cash to fit under the rig.

Good luck,

Do you have lockers? If not then just a truss and you will be fine. Otherwise a 100 series rear axle might be worth looking into. It might be too wide though compared to the front axle, I don't know how wide it is. It has a centered rear diff-I think its the 9.5" diff, and it has disc brakes, should be easy to find for a good price.
I looked pretty heavily into doing a 14 bolt, but I think it's just more than I need. Also, I don't want to go with tires bigger than 37's, so the ground clearance would be about that of a Camaro (sorry for the dirty language there)..
I'd really just love to find out that I can beef-up the mini rear for a few hundred and have some peace of mind..
I have a Lockrite in the rear. I have not looked into a 100 axle at all! Parts can be little scarce in my neck of the woods.. I'll check it out though. Thanks fellas!
Unfortunately, with a locker and a 350, the mini will not last even with mods. Do you have a traction bar? That will help. A 14 bolt will be much wider and heavier. A ford 9" would be a better choice if you want to go domestic, parts are cheap and tons of options and not too heavy. Check salvage yards, they often deliver for fairly cheap.
Yeah, I have some experience with the Ford 9" (like trying [and failing] to break one with a built 390 and slicks). The problem is I'd have to have custom axles made to have matching lug patterns, plus if I can't find one from just the right car, I'd have to narrow it (which if I have to run custom axles anyway, I might as well).
Is there such a thing as a third mortgage? Is that a thing?
Well i think the 9" will be cheapest. Having the axles drilled for bolt pattern should be cheap. But your location will make sourcing used parts tough no matter what option u choose. Or u could do a fj60 rear and put a Toyota split case from a fj60 in also. I wouldn't trust the mini-especially in Alaska with a v8. Unfortunately your gonna have to shell out some cash, but sell your leftover parts when your done to recoup some
Do you know what year your rearend is? You can find a l/c rearend and center the pumpkin. You already have 1/2 the parts. Pre 85 rear find a 40 or 55 rear. Post 85 I think you can use a fj60 rear. Look in. FAQ and search too, for hybrid mini/fj40 centered rearend. I did it w/ a pre 85 rear. No custom axles required. i heard you can do the same w/later model rears.
Took a while, but I finally decided on a rear end..
FJ80 with FZJ 3rd with elocker. Shortened the long side to center it.
Still have to finish. It's literally burning a hole in my hands right now.. :bounce2:


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