Which PTO Drive Shaft

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Jun 28, 2005
NE, Arkansas
Hello. I've been sifting through the posts on PTOs and I'm unclear on which I have. Could someone please tell me if this is off a 55 or a later 40? Thanks
2013-09-15 18.20.16.jpg
2013-09-15 18.20.30.jpg
FJ55 with that pillow block mount. The later style FJ40 was never imported and not sure the pillow black changed design design in the later years. Even if it did chances are you wouldn't find it just floating around in the US. . The shifter mount changed on later 40 to mount to frame instead of the transmission.
Could possibly be from a 60 series. Again those weren't brought into the US but were imported to Canada. Those had shorter shafts.
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Thanks for the info. It's not what I wanted to hear, LOL, but I still appreciate it. Guess this will be going in the classifieds. I don't have the heart to butcher it up for a 40. Thanks again.
Put a measure on each section and I'll tell you if it's a late model 40 shaft or not.

OK. I got the measurements. I'll go ahead and apologize for the crappy job. The first is from the end of the shaft to the shoulder of the pillow block. The second is the length of the block. The third is the length from the other shoulder of the block to the middle of the u-joint. The last is from the center of the u-joint to the end of the shaft. Thanks for the help.
That is an FJ55 PTO shaft. I think the late FJ40 ones(not officially imported to US) that were sort of like that had smaller pillow block support brackets.
Thanks Pete and Brett. I figured that's what it was. I read the posts that had a pic of a 40 shaft that looked like that and got confused. Is it even possible to find factory shafts for the 40 anymore. I've sent a couple of emails to SOR and cruiserparts.net but haven't heard anything. Does anyone know where else to try?
The long shaft looks a lot like the one on my 65 FJ40. The pillow block and short shaft don't look anything like mine, though. You could check with Mark's, he has a lot of stuff for the older 40s. You just have to call him and leave a message if he doesn't answer.
What would be wrong with cutting that one to where you need it? The one I used on my 55, has two pillow blocks and three u-joints in it. ( custom ) :)
I have an 1984 BJ42 and that is exactly what I have on my truck. My 40 series had the holes in exactly the right place to mount the bracket at the foot of the battery box. So while it is unlikely to be in the US, it looks spot on from down here in NZ.

55 had two pillow blocks and a similar but not the same mount for the bearing. I have a bunch of them too, can take photos if you want - but a two piece shaft, with a single pillow block looks awfully like a 40 series PTO shaft to me.
Well I took a look at the one I have on my 81 and the front is about 14.5" from the joint to the tip and the rear I could not get a good measure on but it was closer to 44".

Maybe this is from a 3 speed hence the shorter length? At any rate if it were in my hands and I could make to work I wouldn't hesitate to use it.


My pillow block set up looks very similar. In this thread you can see my set up a little bit:


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Thanks again everyone. I'm sure I could use it and make it work. I just hated to cut it up in case someone out there is needing this specific shaft. My desire for my winch to work is out weighing the guilt of cutting it up though. :p I'm not sure exactly what it's out of, but I know what it's going in. :D

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