which panhard bar to go for?

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Feb 26, 2007
victoria, bc, canada
Good day all, i've had it with my front panhard bar. I drive a 91 hdj81 that was lifted in japan by "keep slant" (a japanese lift company like OME). i noticed a while back that one of the nuts for the front adjustable front panhard bar came loose so i tried to tighten it, well, it wasn't long till it came loose again. this scenario happened over and over until i said "forget it" and didnt bother touching it. well, as you could imagine, it came off one day and i got a terrible woble. i pulled over and fixed it on the side of the road only to shift my front axle to one side. A smart person would have replaced it right away, but not me. i waited until it came off again, and this time it was a real pain to put it back on (barely). i noticed that the bar is stripped making it not easy to work with. eitherway, i've been doing some research as to what to replace it with because i see a couple of companies out there that offer them, one of them i have to send my old one in, others dont even bother. where would you buy it if you where in my shoes and which bushings would you go for (oem/poly)?
Thanx in advance.

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