Which other crankshaft pulley for 12H-T?

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Nov 4, 2012
Berlin, Germany
Hi guys,

i'm swapping a 12H-T into a project car where I really have NO space towards the front whatsever, so I need to get rid of these dual/triple v-belt pulleys everywhere - especially on the crankshaft. Since i need to transfer certain power, the only solution would be conversion to a single polygroove belt (serpentine blt..) like on newer Toyo engines.


So does anyone know whether one of the more modern crankshaft pulleys might actually fit the 12H-T? "Fit" in terms of no oil leaks and smame bolt pattern etc. - I will care about belt alignment later ;)


It would be best if you had a look at the 12HT crank end and took some pics and measurements. You might be able to get a machinist to make one for you.
Is this going into the Tigerbus?
Hi, thanx for your reply ;)

I know that I could always jave some spcial part machined, but i'd really lik to use as many stock parts as possible - this thing will travel around the world, so it'd be preferable to be able to order as many things as possible from any yota dealer around the world in case of failuire ;) I have googled for images of other crank pulley and have found some that looked quite similar in terms of flange etc. unfortunately there are never any dimensions stated, so i can't check for sure. Was hoping some experiences people over here might have come across some promising pulleys in the past ;)

This thing is going in the tiger2.0 - noch the current tigerbus :) Website about the progress on this rig will be published soon...


The problem is there are very few ,if any , on this forum using those type of pulley. Only the new V8 owners and 1KZ TE 1KVD FTV etc have thme. Most of us have 20 year old landcruisers.
The other problem you may face is that if you find one that fits, all the pulleys for the aircon, water pump will still have to align with it.
You probably wont like it, but a 4 cyl from the B engine family might be easier.
Looking forward to the website build up.
Well... the pulley from the 1KZ-TE looks very promising! The front oil seal has 50mm diameter just as it has on the 12H-T. Seems like I need to find some more dimensions of the part that goes onto the crankshaft. I have the feeling that Toyota didn't innovate all the time and there could be a pulley that actually fits! I wish I knew someone with a Toyota spare parts store who yould just go through the shelves and measure ;)))

12H-T vs. 4cyl.: The 6 banger is already in the truck and I definately want to go with the mother of all engines ;)) But you are right.. length-wise that would have been the better choice.

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