Which one of these old driveshafts is the front?

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Mar 1, 2006
Charlotte, NC

I have to have my new driveshaft (in the middle) finished up. Which one of these old driveshafts is the original front?
the longer one would be the front... That one doesn't look like a stock 3sp driveshaft though.
Far left shaft is not stock....it is a combo of a couple shafts....looks like a Spicer stub and part of the original tube that the Spicer piece was welded to, shoved into an old Toyota three speed front drive shaft....

Center one is Spicer pieces...

Far right appears to be the closest thing to a stock three speed drive shaft...but looks to short to be a front....looks more like a rear shaft to me...
Don't delete this... :)

Which is which?

What are you going to do with the one in the middle? :)
The one in the middle is the one that I bought to replace the front that is busted. I like you assume it is the one on the farleft.

It was attached when I got it but, I did not not that it was the front when I took it off a while back. Like you said it appears to be some hodge podge of stuff.

I was pretty sure the one on the right was the rear
3spd driveshafts are a dime a dozen.

If it was me, and I did not need a thicker wall for offroading, I would just post up here and find a used 3 spd front and throw it on.

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