Which OME for my FJ60?

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Oct 12, 2010
Wild Coast, South Africa
I'm about to pull the trigger on getting a complete OME kit for my 60 but I'm a bit uncertain about a couple of things..

My 60 currently has a 3F and I'm also going to be installing a rear bumper with wheel and Jerry can carriers. I also have a front bar with a winch that I'm going to be putting back on. In the near future Im looking at doing a diesel swop to either a 12H-T or a 1HD-T and I want to make sure that I get the right shocks and springs.

The dude at the place that sells them recommended that I go for the medium rears (CS004RA/B) and the heavy duty fronts (CS004F). I checked in the catalogue and I see that there is a heavier rated front pack for Diesel trucks (CS005F), shouldn't I rather go for these from the get go? How much difference will it make if I still have a 3F in there? Will the ride suck with the lighter motor? Also if I go for this heavier option will it not make the nose of my truck look a bit jacked up? Is the 005 the same as the 004 but just with an extra leaf, and if so could I just leave out that leaf and add it back when I do the swop and is it a relatively straightforward job?

I'm looking for a slightly cushier ride and I don't really do heavy loads much, I see there are also different shock options for the front and rears what is the difference between these?

Lots of questions but hopefully someone can guide me in the right direction..

Thanks guys ;)
Bear this in mind; you can easily remove the extra leafs that make the springs heavier but if you get light ones, you cannot make them heavier without first obtaining extra parts that will cost you far more than the difference in price between a medium and a heavy spring. I just finshed removing a leaf from my front springs, (I think they were the CS005, three full-length leafs) which proved to be too much even with a serious front bumper and a 10,000# winch. I do have a V8 which is a significant decrease in weight over a 2F though. I run heavies on the rear all the time. Should I do something nuts like throw a Duramax in there someday (one can always hope) I'll put that leaf back in.
get the xtra heavies for the front at least. when i got my kit, i kept in mind a possible future diesel swap and winch/bumper. a year after installing the diesel and a 300lbs winch+bumper, the fronts are nicely settled, but the rears have tons of arch.

i wouldnt be ordering extra leaves if you are going to take them out. its more work then its worth. go with a xtra heavy(005) in the front and either 004 or 005 in the rear.

good luck
Get the extra heavies for the rear too.
My 60 has a heavy rear bumper, 2 spares and a jerry can carrier. When fully loaded it sagged quite a bit, even with OME heavies. I have added 2 leafs since, and now it is perfect. not a very bouncy ride either.
That's some pretty sound advice right there... thanks lehiguy..

Edit: How big of a job was it to remove the leaves?

It was easy. I left the springs on the rig. Its spring over so its a bit different than spring under. I undid the U-bolts and lifted the rig untill there was some space between the springs and the axle. Then I removed the center pin, pulled the leafs out and put it back together sans the extra leaf. Simple. I didn't even get dirty doing it.
I have the extra heavys in my truck. The ride is pretty ridgid. It is better when the truck is all loaded up for camping though, along with my 250lb boat on the roof rack. I get very little sag when loaded but the ride seems to be smoother.

If you want to add all those components, I'd also say get the extra heavys and pull one leaf out untill you add the bumpers, then put the leaf back in the rear, I don't think you'd need it just by adding the front bumper and winch, but adding a diesel, you'll want to put that leaf back up front.

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