Which OEM switch for aftermarket PIAA lights (and possible DRL's)?

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Jun 25, 2013
Gilbert, AZ.
Read some threads but wasn't positive as to what works so here's my request. I picked up my "period correct" PIAA lights (for offroad use only) and I might also get some DRL's for my ARB bumper (leveraging the turn signal slots). I'd like to get these switched with an OEM one to keep the dash pretty clean.

  1. The PIAA switch (pic 1 below) is bugly but you can see the three-wire needs of the harness it came with.
  2. Pic 2 shows the three blanks I can possibly work with to locate a switch (preferably OEM).
  3. Is there an OEM switch that will directly replace the supplied PIAA one?
  4. Is there an OEM switch that could actually do both the PIAA as well as also turn on future DRL's? I was thinking along the lines of the stock antenna switches (stock antenna switch - one to go up, one to go down.........wired so that the 'up' could service the PIAA's and the 'down' one to service future DRL's)?
I don't have the electrical book, just the mechanical FSM so not sure what might work. Thanks for the help!


the antenna up/down switch isn't going to work for you since it's a momentary contact switch only, lowes or home depot has rectangular on/off swithces that fit perfectly in the holes in the dash (not the curved ones) or in the console's coin holder cutouts. alternatively; i grabbed some light-up swithces from superbrightleds.com that fit in these same spots very well but have wording and labels on them for specific lighting uses. OR look for a rear heat switch if you want one switch that looks factory and will control the lights in an either/or fashion.
There is an OEM switch that will do both, but unfortunately it is no longer available. See post #46 in the thread below. I'm in the same dilemma.


I have an OEM aux/ fog light switch I purchased from Slee that use for my Lightforce driving lights, but now I want to add some fog lights, but have no more room for another switch, as the other spot has been used for an OBA compressor.


I have a small collection of switches I have taken from the wreckers over the years, but the only two pos switches I have are two seat heater switches (hi/lo) and one fan switch (hi/lo).


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