Which Manual should I buy for my truck!?

Sep 20, 2005
Costa Rica, Central America
Hello again! Hope all you guys and gals are fine. I am a hands-on kind of guy and want to learn to do as much as I can on my newly acquired 1997 HZJ80 Landcruiser. It has 158,000km and runs beautifully. I live in Costa Rica, Central America and Toyota here imports the cars from Japan. Thus, I am not sure which manual I should buy. Reading in the Haynes website, it sounds to me like I should buy the Australian edition, but Haynes USA can't confirm this (you would expect these guys to know their products... i gues not). Any suggestions on which manual I should buy? I also searched in the Chilton's website, but did not find anything that sounded like it would work for my car.

Your comments and ideas would be most welcome. thank you.

Sep 13, 2004
Red Deer, Alberta
Being that your cruiser is a diesel I would get the manual from australia or even the service manual from toyota. Because the haynes manual will have nothing on your engine. And the Chiltons manual I believe is about the same as a haynes manual. I prefer Haynes over Chilton, but that still will do nothing good for your case. Get the manual from some where that offered diesels in there land cruisers.
Jul 22, 2003
Perth Western Australia
Hi Sergio. I use the Gregorys #513. It has lots of 1HZ pics which you do not get in the FSM.
However I also recommend the FSM for its plain talk and step by step drawings which are not in the Gregorys.
The Gregorys is also more 1HZ specific while the FSM leans more towards the 1HD T as its probaly reflecting world sales.
Get them both from ebay.

Haynes now owns Gregorys so theoretically any Haynes dealer should be able to procure the Gregorys.

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