which lights on the ARB

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ok guys,with any luck the ARB bullbar will get installed tomorrow......
heading out tonite for a little r&r but wanted to post this ?..
looking at lights available to me at local shops vs mailorder,i can get (3) different flavors of hella 500 ie:
a)pencil driving 69.99 at advance auto
b)wide beam driving
c)wide beam fog   b & c are 89.99 at a local 4x4 shop
a)hella 1000FF 109.99 at advance auto

i will go the 109.99 if they are really better,but thats about my limit for now,ie: no 1000.00 hids for me  :)

i am leaning towards the hella 1000FF but have not a real clue about all the differences,so while i am out having a good time you guys can hash it out and tell me what ya think!!



UPDATE--Front pic of installed ARB--UPDATE
I don't know the exact wattage of those off of the top of my head but I believe they are 75 watts. The 4000's are 130watts. If you are looking for bang for your buck, check out Eagle Eyes, JC Whitney carries them. I have used them on 3 prior vehicles. They make a 150 watt light that has a replaceable halogen bulb for around $30. I had a set of Stainless steel 150 watters on my FJ60 that were $40 a piece, nothing can touch them for price.

I have the Hella 500 driving lights on my 80, they are 50watts and are pretty weak, but I use them primarily for highway driving. I think I'm going to throw a set of of the Eagle Eyes on this summer.
Generally, Up is right, a 55 watt bulb will be good for a fog beam, but that's about it. If you want performance to be able to project off-road, you need to get the larger wattage bulbs. I'm running PIAA 120 watt lights up front now, and they are acceptable, but nothing to write home about. My last 60 had a set of the ProComp 130s on the bullbar, and surprisingly, for the money ($40 each) I was really pleased with them.

For your choices, I'd go with the Hella 1000s. Good quality and decent wattage.


What are those tires you are running?

ARB looks great!! I so want one, need to do springs first.
up- Unless they have changed the Hella 4000's mine came stock with 100w bulbs. I upgraded them to the optional 130w.
IMO go for a set of Hella 4000 Halogen Eurobeam. There's a guy on ebay selling them for $190 a pair. If you don't have the extra $80, wait until next month/pay day etc. The 1000 series are decent, but the 4000 is worth waaaaaay more than the extra $80.
up- Unless they have changed the Hella 4000's mine came stock with 100w bulbs. I upgraded them to the optional 130w.

Is there a 5000 series that uses 130w? It's been awhile since I researched lights, I'm probably just wrong. BTW, what is the location of that picture? Its spectacular! &nbsp:Do you ever write up any stories from your adventures? If so, it would be cool to see and read them sometime. You've gotta have some good ones.
I just looked in the Performance Products catalog and I don't see Hella 5000's. That's not to say they don't exist. They do have the Rallye 4000 Motorsport which use HID technology and put out 2.5 times the intensity of halogen's. (their words) A little expensive at $667.95 each. Ya, if I can sell pictures articles etc. I do it. That picture was on an abandoned gold mining road. The next year a movie company came in and ran a dozer down it and they filmed a vehicle (J**p?) commericial. They built a little set with some Yaks and ran a helicopter along that road filming the vehicle driving along to the Yak village.
Here is an artists rendition of your vehicle. Sorry I removed your luggage rack. Hope you like it even thou it's in Dan's Green color.
the tires are pro comp X-terrains 305/70/16 and yes they will probably rub if i do any serious articulaton seeing as i am running stock springs at the moment,but its coming up on boating season and i will probably spend most weekends on the river/lakes and wont be using the truck in a situation that will cause me problems(unless one of my friends with h**ps(a 1996 grand & a sport)need some xtraction assistance.

i have a company vehicle that i use daily for work so it was not an issue to put muddies on my cruiser since its a evenings weekends and fall hunting season rig(i have only managed to put 5000 miles on it since i bought it last march)

ARB lift is next,holding out though til i get a dedicated tow rig for my boat,i like its current towing manners and will wait for now...........
I don't know anything about Pro Comps. Whats your experience been with them?
this is my first set,and i think i remember a guy on the LCML researching tires and the pro comps are made by cooper tire co.
everything in this size was about the same price,and i got the buy3get1free deal from 4wheelparts.com so that was a vote for them at the time i was looking for tires.
one of my brothers coworkers has a h**p that is lifted and locked and he really liked them and just ordered a set of the same tire in 33/12.50/15 for himself.


Um,..Did I really see a GOLD emblem?

You may want to re-touch that before Junk sees it :slap:

BTW...It's lookin' good...... :beer:

I *Love* white trucks!

Take a look at what Keep has done with the flares. It really looks sharp. When he first described what he had done, it sounded like it might not look right on an 80. The pictures prove that isn't the case. The flat black with the bright white looks very sharp. My 2 pence.

I had a thought on how we could poke a little fun at Keep and keep Bill busy until his next expedition. Take the profile image of Keep's 80 and paint a big UN on the side.
(Puns are funs)
Here I got rid of that nasty emblem for Dan. I put a set of Hella 4000's on for you. Sorry about the resolution. They were the first ones I could find,but they will give you the basic idea.
Dan-yes i too have issues with the gold emblems(gonna order the black pearl ones from SOR)

Beo-the line-x that Keep did to his fenders was killer,and i have thought that if i ever bust a flare then thats probably what i would do instaed of putting them back!!!(though i am not sure if i would do the color in black,maybe just spray white line-x and see what it looks like)(kinda like the body color pebbly stuff ya see on sports cars etc along the lower rocker area)

Photoman aka Bill-thanks,that looks great,now i know i gotta get some lights real soon!!!

I don't mind gold emblems (especially when I sell some)

I was trying to protect you from the Junkster.... 8)
Buying anything other than the classic Hella 160 is just a waste of money. The 160's are the best and the cheapest.
The other lights Hella manufacture are just fuel for forum chat.

IMHO (of course)

Cheers, Jim 8)
Doug, in my experience the spring upgrade actually helped my towing capacity. I originally had the tow pkg. for my 1992 which had uprated rear springs (option for the year) and went with a set of OME 864s. I recently had to tow a 5000 car/trailer combo about 600 miles round trip from Flagstaff top Gallup, NM and back, and if the original springs were still on the truck, I would've been in trouble....but no problemo with the new springs....FWIW.

-H- thanks for the info,but i am more concerned with the possible adverse effects of the lift as in front driveline vibrations.....
i know it does not always happen(some have reported it while some have no problem) but i dont want to hassle with chasing down an annoying problem,instead of simply driving to the river/lake ramp..right now it does not seem to mind the weight of my boat and i just want to keep it that way......


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