Which is fuel pickup and which is the return?

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Aug 28, 2020
Boulder, CO
Hit a question as I'm starting to get things back together for the Sniper install. I am mounting the fuel pump external because my tank does not have the flat spot to mount the in tank pump. I cut out a section of the feed hard line where the fuel pump, pre and post filter will go. I soldered on 3/8" barbs onto the hard line so I can run 3/8" EFI hose in that section (photo). The tank got all new gaskets and most new hoses and I just reinstalled it.

Here's the question. Which line coming out of the tank is the feed line and which is the return? I assume the one that points straight down in the tank if the feed (see photo) and the one that exits sideways is the return....but I'm not sure. Hooking up the tank to the hard lines and don't want to mix it up! Thanks in advance!

(The photo of the tank isn't my tank, I added it for reference.)




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