IH Which is better a 65 Scout or a 79 Scout Traveler?

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May 18, 2009
I own a 65 IH Scout that I use to plow snow on my drive way. Hooked to it is a 7 foot Western snowplow. Works fine, but I have a chance to buy a 79 Scout Traveler.

Which would be the better rig to plow snow with. I know that my 65 Scout is All-Wheel-Drive is the Traveler the same? Which as more power?
Travelall would have more weight behind it. IMHO, that would make a better plow.
Traveler will have a V-8 and auto. More power and more weight should make it a superior plow truck. Look out-they're quite rust prone.
The traveler will have dana 44's a dana 20 transfer case. disc brakes on the front and about 20 more inches of wheelbase( 18 to be exact i think).They're probably more than a few pounds heavier.I'm not real familiar with the early scouts but I think they had dana-spicer 18 transfer cases, dana 27 axles- 44 being an option for the rear and drum brake all around. As far as power the 345 as never came in the little scout as far as I know, and in 65 i think they probably had a 266 v-8 as the biggest engine offered, but they had the same bell housing bolt pattern as its bigger brothers the 304,345 and 392 so a bigger engine should bolt right up...if I remember right.
I'd go with the traveler.
The Scouts, not scout II's never came with the 304, 345 or 392.
The main options that they did have were the 152, 232, 266.
The axles were a dana 27 front and dana 35 rear.
Tranny was most likely a T-98 3 speed.
Xfer case was the Dana 18 twin stick.

The traveler:
Most likely will have the 304 or 345 SV V8 Motor.
T-19 if it had a 4 speed manual or the 727 Torqueflight automatic tranny.
Dana 20 single stick transfer case
Dana 44 front and rear. Front will have disk and rear will still be drums.

Go with the traveler without a doubt, much better for plowing even if it does have a wheelbase that is longer.

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