Which inspection lamp is period correct for my 1984 BJ40?

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Dec 4, 2021
I'm a fan of ToyoDiy.com for questions like this.

I assume, maybe incorrectly, that there are part numbers somewhere on each of those lamps.

I can go to that website, narrow by my specific vehicle (1981 BJ40LV-KC) and can search by part number or by keyword. The inspection lamp (or LAMP ASSEMBLY, INSPECTION) that is listed for my vehicle is: 81370-60010.

I suspect any would work, and the fact that you have at least four to choose from would make most owners, I think, jealous!! haha.

There are probably people on this site who can tell you just by looking at them, but if not you can do a little homework and hopefully arrive at your answer.

Hope to help,

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