Which injectors for direct injection diesel running veggie oil?

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Apr 5, 2006
Portland, Oregon
I know I've read on here about a company that makes special injectors for those running veggie oil in a direct injection diesel engine but I can't remember who they are or where I read it. Can someone tell me who makes them or where to look? Thanks.

I'm putting a 12H-T into my FJ60 and it looks like the injectors might need some work. So instead of rebuilding the injectors I thought I might look into these other injectors. I'm not setup to run veggie oil just yet but it is a project I'm planning on doing within the next two years.

:beer: Chad
Older Toy injectors should run a 50/50 mix of diesel - veg oil no problems, I know my Surf did, it was common to do so in the UK until veg oil became more expensive than diesel.

If you try to run pure veg oil you may have problems with the injector pump seals drying out and leaking (common problem) or even popping your injector pump all together. The diesel lubricates everything.

Used and properly prepared waste veg oil also runs fine in a mix.

Don't think you need go to DI injectors, but that's your choice.

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