Which gears to use with an H55?

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Dec 18, 2011
Hello everyone,

I just bought a new to me 60 that has an H55 trans with 33" inch tires. What I want to know is which gers are best for this combo so I can cruise on the freeway at 65 still at a preferred RPM. Which leads to another question....what is the preferred RPM for that speed in an H55 2F powered 60?

It's primarily used as a DD and on occasion hunting/camping rig.

Thanks to all, :beer:
With H55, 3.7's, and 33" tires you'll be running at 2100rpm at 65mph

With H55, 4.11's, and 33" tires you'll be running at ~2325rpm at 65mph

I used a gear calculator for this. There actually isn't as big of a difference as I would have thought.

The H55 has a lower first gear so that will help city driving. 4.84 (H55) vs. 3.55 (H42)

Me personally I'd stick with 3.7's and H55 if I had one. Texas is flat as heck. :D
I have H55 -33x10.5-4:11s -- If it's gonna be a DD with highway miles, keep the 3.70s You'll like it better on the highway.
when I first installed my H55F I had stock gears and 33" tires. In congested Bay Area, CA traffic, I had a hard time even getting into 5th gear (average speeds are 50mph). When I re-geared I went to 4.56's. this put's my RPM's at about 3000 for 65/70mph which is a little high for me.

In retrospect:

If your driving is flat and fast, then stock gears will probably be OK

If I was to do it over again, I would go with 4.11's for a better balance between umph and speed.

If this would be mostly a trail rig with some freeway driving, then 4.56 might be better.
I think 4.11 is a perfect match for 33 tires.
In mountain country that combo likes 4.56 gearing but is really limited to 55- 60 MPH on the flats. That is the gearing I went with and it seems to work well enough. At 8,000 feet my 2F is producing about 105 HP on a good day. This means a struggle up mountain grades. If you are in lower elevation and mostly flat roads the 4.11 would be my choice.

I can start off on flat roads in 2nd gear and use 1st like the granny gear in old truck 4 speed trannys.

The 4.56 comes into its own on mountain trails.

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