Which engine is this?

Mar 2, 2015
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Well here lies the rub. Based on the production date and the oil filler tube location it’s an F145. I’m going strictly off of the numbers. Production date/oil filler tube are my main witnesses.

I’ve “quoted” a couple other opinions from another thread (from 2016) who may be able to give you a more comprehensive answer based on their visual recognition clues.
I use to think this but seen too many 70/71 with F155 on the valve cover and oil filler off the block. The F145 have a wide intake if the last thru the 71 after which time the oil filler moved to the valve cover. Carburator changed with the 70 model so that may the start of the F155. Don't believe the 3/69 to 9/69 two barrel caused the change.

The designation is SUPPOSED to correlate to horsepower. Toyota changed the F engine from the flat-top piston to the dome-top in January 1972, so that is when I peg the date for the introduction of the F155.


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