Which door option is better?

which door is better?

  • half doors with plastic window

    Votes: 5 22.7%
  • full door with glass window

    Votes: 17 77.3%

  • Total voters

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Feb 9, 2010
i personally like the half doors better. but i'm told that the plastic side window is not very clear.
IMO, It's easier to clean glass. Plastic hazes up after a while.
It is true, the plastic will be acceptable and ok for a while but with age and exposure to weather and elements, it starts to get that weathered look. There is now plastic cleaner for them that works but it's just not anything that will keep it from looking weathered and hazy after a period of time.
Replacement plastic is cheap and easy to replace at a good Marine shop, the half doors look cool:grinpimp:

But, I agree with the soft doors if you could.
My vote is hard doors with glass.

then get a second set and make some half doors

Woila you have best of both worlds..
i love my half doors with soft uppers - windows don't bother me at all.

they both have their pro's and cons..

i don't feel like knocking the pins out of my hinges to take the doors off when its a nice day out.. kind of extreme so thats why i love that i can slide out the uppers in 10 seconds

no issues with water leaking in etc - only thing with the half doors is you either need to make your own.... or get a random company to make them for you $$$$ CCOT-then get someone to make the uppers... $$$$$$$$$$ or get them from Pakistan(SouthBoston) if he has available which i have.. just paint them (your best option but might take some time to get them)

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