Which Brand Ring Gear To Buy???

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Aug 21, 2006
Olympia Wa
I know it has been discussed before but it seems like there is always someone that has had a good or bad experience with something. So with that in mind I have a 78 fj with a 4 inch skj jacker lift and longer shackels. I have 33's now and may go to 35 someday but no larger. I have an arb to install in the front and a locker for the rear. Since I will have the 3rd members out I guess now is the time to re-gear. So, what brand do I get and I guess suggestions on gear ratios also. 4.56 or 4.88. kind of want to get into a little rock crawling but nothing to extreme.
Hi All:

I'd suggest going with a 4.56 ratio gear set. It will be fine with 35s, and not too low with 33s. The 4.88s will be waaay low with 33 inch tires! :eek: I have a buddy that has 35 inch tires and 4.88s and he wishes that he had gone 4.56 ratio instead because of the high RPMs on the highway.

For brand, I dunno. I'd suggest buyer the gear set from a reputable 'Cruiser shop, and follow their advice. Someone like Kurt @ Cruiser Outfitters in Utah.

Good luck with your rig!

4.88s if you plan to go larger. Just do it once. Low gearing is much more satisfying than low highways RPMs.

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