Which bearing?

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Feb 8, 2006
Vancouver (not BC), WA (not DC)
I pulled off my oil pan today to fix some pin hole oil leaks. I found this:


Its a 3B with unknown mileage. I just got done with a 900 mile trip and it did beautifully. Oil pressure was fine. Like I said, I only pulled the oil pan to fix the oil leaks. So, which bearing do you all think it is? I'm guessing cam bearing from what I have read about them being a weak link in these engines. But I would like to hear what you all think. Where would you start? How far would you tear down the engine? Would you change out all the bearings just cuz? As you can guess, I've never torn into an engine before. Any help would be appreciated.



Had the same problem with mine, 99% sure it's cam bearing material. Virtually impossible for crank and rod bearing material to get out the crank clearances, cam bearing material will fall right down to the pan.

I will send you a PM or email with my phone number

Thanks guys. It looks like some new came bearings are in my future. Nice talking to you last night, Tony.


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