Which axle rebuild kit for 01/79?

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Why do you have a credit with CCOT? Is it because the item you ordered was poor quality or didn't fit properly?

If so, are you sure you want to take a chance on the same problem with your axle rebuild?
Call me bitter.
I tend to agree with above.
Spend your CCOT credit on stuff that you life does not depend upon.
Plenty of vendors here on 'Mud that will sell you a superior front end kit that fits.
Just my personal opinion, only based on personal experience.
They sent me the wrong part and wanted a big re-stocking fee.
I've never had good luck with them but they said that they had one specific part
that I couldn't find anywhere else (upper t-stat housing 01/79-08/80) , turns out they didn't have it and sent me the wrong one.
I'll try to find something else less important than the axle re-build kit to get from them.
Kurt @ cruiseroutfitters has what you need
That is who I was planning on going with. We've spoken in the past & he's where I'll be getting the axle re-build kits (and more) for both my 40 & 80.

Wise choice.
Decide before you call...do you want the Marlin axle seals instead of the OEM seals? (probably yes on the 40, no on the 80. But that's another thread)

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