AltFuel Where to mount my plate heat exchanger

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Dec 14, 2005
My plate heat exchange needs a home. Right now, it is just sitting on some rage on top of the steering box on my bj60. If you have a plate heat exchanger for your 3b, where did you mount it?
I mounted mine on the frame near the tank now my lines are heated too

I have one mounted on the firewall behind the glove box of my 40 and the other on the inside of the front dr fender near to the IP.
Two are best. One front, one rear.
If you only got one up front, the cold veggie is more difficult to pump from the rear of the vehicle.
If you only have one in the rear, the temp drop is too great by the time it gets up front. Even with the lines insulated. Even in a hot climate.
I mounted mine between the batteries.
I saw one mounted above or, attached to a bracket above the exuast heat shield. Not sure if that was the smartest move if it ever leaked. Get a vegtible oil fire.

I have mine right next to the injection pump just laying on the steering box on top of some rags. I should just locate some rubber isolators and make a bracket assembly and mount to fender.

Does anyone know where I can get some rubber issolators? They are used to mount to unevent sheet metal surfaces and dampen vibrations.

BTW, lastly, where can I find heating tube that wraps around outer tube? I do not believe in the tube in tube method to heat the oil coming from the tank. Should the inner tube leak, water will get into the veggie oil tube and destroy the injection pump.

Lastly, filtration and transfer. I would love to just fill up from the restaurant oil location and have a small wooden shed with filtration equipment in it. Good idea? Filtration equipment would be mounted in steel box.

Other idea, mount filtration equipment on back of oil container.

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