Where to look up service records?

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Apr 5, 2016
southern california
I've been scouring in- and out-of-state Craigslists for 2004-6 LCs (want that 5spd) and am seeing quite a few I'm interested in. I'm still a few months of saving and a little bit more research away from actually pulling the trigger but am trying to get a feel for mileage, condition, and pricing.

As much as I want to trust every listing that says "well taken care of," I just want to be sure I am getting a truck that hasn't been totally neglected for most of its life and one I can depend on for years to come. Is there a way to look up service records somewhere with the truck's VIN?

Thanks! This forum has been an incredible resource for me. Can't wait to get my first LC in the next few months.
Thanks! I looked up an '06 that I'm eyeing and there are only two service records available. One for new brakes 2+ years ago, and one from recently where the dealer it's for sale at performed a spark plug / fluid / alignment etc. service.

Do services from local mechanics show up on these reports? Or only toyota dealer services?
Only dealer service reports and anything owners manually enter show up on the Toyota owner's site. Local mechanics don't have access to that unless you give them your password. Carfax and Autocheck often have reports from indy shops if they report their work using the VIN. And keep in mind there are more than a few people like me who own Land Cruisers and are meticulous about over-maintaining the vehicle and who's hard work doesn't show in records anywhere. I suppose there are just as many who completely neglect everything, but that's why there are test drives and independent inspections!

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