Where to get plugs for frame?

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Feb 26, 2003
Sherwood Park, Alberta
Wondering if anyone has ever found the little rectangular plugs that fit in the holes on the sides of the frame?
I have seen them on my dad's 4runner and some JDMs. Now that I have a good rust free frame up from California I don't want to fill it with crap from the road!
Especially the one hole just by the rear tire.

Any ideas? I called toyota but the one guy said there was nothing listed for the frame...

Would someone who has a JDM 60 (I have seen them on JDMs), or anyone that has a 60 series with frame plugs please pop one out and write down the part number for me?

I tried a 4runner, but the plugs are too small! There is a part number on the back though.

I need the part number for Toyota to look them up.
This may be a long shot, call sikorsky helicopter and order some for the h61 of h3 airframe. Thay are nylong jobies that have a nylon string attached to the bottom of the plug ;)

Now, I am sure some one some where sells something like that. Do you want nylon plugs that require a wrench to remove or, rubber ones you just pull and pop out?

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