where to find stock roof rack

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Oct 2, 2006
any suggestions on where to find a stock oem roof rack? previous owner removed the two sides of the roof rack and replaced with a conferr rack. thinking about ditching the conferr and going back to stock. im having clearance issues :frown:

anyone have one sitting around that they dont need?
if i can find some cheap stock roof rack bars to put back on, i'll prob be selling the conferr.
I'll trade everything you need plus some cash! Just pm me
I have the stock roofrack I was going to throw away- you can have it
i'm in socal. pm me if you want it
I just sold a NIB OEM Toyota roof rack for about $285, if your looking for the cross bars I believe that there are some in the inventory. You have to get a parts guy to look for you.

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