where to find diesel 100 series

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Mar 6, 2015
Hi to everyone, I'm new to this site. I had my sights set on a defender but after cruising in a Sequoia, the defender fell off the radar. I really want a 100 series LC, but I would like it in diesel and I can't seem to find one. I live in Canada and in North America I couldn't find one on any of the sites.
Does anyone know where I could find a Diesel 100 series Land Cruiser????????
I definitely saw few I like. Thanks for the link
While you're at it, check out the Nissan Patrol too. Slightly cheaper and worth considering for many reasons. Again if you can legally import and register such vehicle. In US we have a really bad law on hand and cannot do it. We have a 25 year rule on imports.
There is a thread somewhere about a guy from Montreal who created his own diesel powered 105 series by merging the front clip of one from France with a 100 series he picked up from the states. IIRC, cost was somewhere around $25K, not counting labour. If you live in Canada, I would look into importing one, 105 series, from Spain or France. With a 15 yr limit, in theory you could import something as recent as a 2000 model year.
in Canada if the vehicle is 15 years or older it can be brought in. I can import a pretty decent truck way under that price and put the difference into it.
how are the 2001 Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 diesel. Aftermarket support, reliability, performance????? Huge difference in price between Pajero and Land Cruiser
Pajero/Montero have independent suspension all around. Much better on road manners.

Check out the Nissan Patrol 1997-2000. Lots of goodies on that truck. Diesel, sway bar disconnect, solid axles, very roomy, 2 and 4 door models.
Yeah I am not a fan of Nissan at all. I won't say anything bad, to each is own. I decided on the HZJ 80. Last sfa, enough space like the 100 series, just not refined as a 100. Lot's of great things on hzj80.
Will do. I found few in Germany and my brother is going there in couple of months so thanks for the link Dragos. I'll definitely post the pics when it comes.
Ritchie bros Auctions have some good deals in Europe and the UAE every once in a while on Lhd Diesel 105's. Richie bros are very reputable as well.

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