where to find a 54mm hub socket in Charlotte NC???

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Feb 4, 2004
Cornelius NC
I have everything to do the knuckle rebuild on my 80 series *except* the 54mm hub socket, and i really need to do this tomorrow....would anyone happen to be in Charlotte NC and possibly have one I could borrow, or know where I might be able to find one? I thought I'd be able to find one locally, but that's not panning out....

I've tried calling the following w/no luck:
Advance Auto
Toyota (2 dealers, one said 'use some big channel locks!'--is that even an option??)

I bought the 2 1/8 (i think) inch from sears ... works great
i'll try sears or Napa

i did call the local small NAPA store and they didn't have any, but i'll try Sears and see if they have a 2 1/8" sockets--thanks everyone!

I got mine (Blue Point) from my friendly neightborhood Snap On dealer for under $30. Amazing what they have on those trucks.
I used a 2 1/8" socket just yesterday to swap out the stock rotors (that were warped) for a set of drilled ones. The 2 1/8" socket is a perfect fit for the big axle nuts (53.975 mm). The best is that I paid five bucks at a surplus retail outlet.
I just made mine from some scrap metal I had laying around. I backed one of thenuts off and used a scribe to mark around the nut onto a piece of 3/8th steel and cut it out. Then I cut the side from some thinner steel and welded it up. Been working great for several years. Cost? A couple of hours of fun.
I doubt it helps but I'm in New Bern if you, or someone you know, are happening through.
I got mine from the Snaop on man as well. I keep it in my truck box just in case. I have seen trucks in the bush with the wheel held on only by the brake caliper. You never know when one of theses scokets will come in handy.

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