Where to buy Rotella Synthetic 5w-40

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Aug 31, 2004
Chandler, AZ
I've been to Napa, Autozone, Wal Mart, Checkers, and searched on Google Froogle, e-bay, and Yahoo Shopping and connot find Rotella Synthetic 5w-40. Does anybody have a mail order source? Living in the Phoenix area, I'm surprised I'm having this much difficulty.

That's weird. Ive always been able to find mine at Walmart. I actually use the Rotella because the Walmart here does not stock Mobil 0w40.
Too funny. I also have literally spent an hour trying to find it. What's frustrating is that my WalMart carries it, but oil is not on their internet site. Maybe a shipping issue? Anyhow, it just seems strange you can't find any pricing anywhere for it. I want to find a jobber or distributor I can buy a few gallons from and then buy a pallet or something. Got a couple names, I guess I'll have to be patient and call tomorrow. I got these names off the www.rotella.com website under "where to buy".

Doug I did a similar search when I wanted a 5 gal pail of Checron delo gear lube, finally found it at a lubriction distributor, place tha does manily wholesale quanities of oil/grease, same with Mobil delvac 1,

I recently got some Rotella T syn 5w-40, was on the shelf in Walmart in gallons and quarts.

Yeah, its at my wally world but I was hoping to do some online price comparing. I think the problem is shipping an oil product can be prohibited in different states due to hazmat concerns, etc. So you don't find many people engaging in it and the biggies simply don't want to mess with it.

So, just frustrating you can find fur lined sinks, left handed corkscrews and glow in the dark **** online but not an everyday motor oil product...

I bought it at wally world in Mesa, my brother gets it at a Scottsdale store, it is with the fleet oil, usually one isle over from the car oil, in gallon jugs.
I think the problem with oil is its weight to value ratio, makes it dificult to ship cheaply through Fed Ex UPS like other online items, Tends to move it to more traditional distribution methods, a $3 quart of oil costs as much to ship as a $300 GPS unit or a $25 book.

you can find some synthetic oils on line but ushually more expensive than in stores.
Not all Wal-marts carry the Synthetic version. My local Wal mart does not, but the one 40 miles away does.... So it's kind of hit and miss on that front.
Motor oil is not hazmat - not even used motor oil.

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