Where to buy radiator for HDJ80 1994?

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Oct 23, 2006
Hello diesel heads,

My radiator is showing signs of leaking between the plastic top and the core (green fallout of sorts and wetness), and I am wondering what options I have. The radiator is probably original and I am afraid that the plastic is getting brittle. is that stupid of me?

what options do I have? buy a new one at the local Toyota stealer? are there some all-aluminum radiators for this model out there? its an automatic, so I need the autotrans-cooler inside the rad...

please could you guys help me out with options?
My local rad repair guy says that the plastic has become brittle over the years and cannot guarantee a re-core opperation... so my options are limited. the local Toyota stealership wants 1.100 us$ (yes, one thousand one hundred us dollars) for a new oem one.... so I want to see what other options I have :)

I will try to contact Akella, thanks.
Japan 4x4, Dave Stedman is the guy if he is still in the game?

I'm sure the gasoline cruiser rads fit, and they can be had on ebay for cheap. The tranny cooler lines need a little massaging but other than that it will work. Do some digging on the site to confirm....

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