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May 13, 2011
Huntsville, AL
Is there a decent Toyota dealership on line that sells at wholesale or below list? I know there are several Acura and Honda dealers that will sell over their internet sites for significantly less than the local dealer.

Need to order a few OEM parts

Plug Wires, if I don't get NGK wires
O2 Sensors,
Preload and lock nuts for the front hubs
American Toyota listed under vendors
Mud members get discounts
Beno or CDan
Didn't even see the vendors link. Saw one in the FAQ but it didn't work for some reason.


Is there not an online catalog that is pretty easy to navigate with Part numbers and pictures? Basically the factory parts catalogs?

This is what I am used to:

You enter make, model year data and can pull all the factory parts drawings with part numbers and prices. I hate to waste some parts guys time speculating.
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Beno has always taken great care of me! He calls back, same day( usually afternoon) and parts go out that day. Well below list!
CDan and Beno ARE catalogs that will navigate you to what you need. You will be in great hands.

I usually use toyotapartscenter.net as a reference to get a ball park idea for price then call CDan and Beno to order.
Beno or CDan at american toyota NM.. great service plus they are Cruiser Heads
Yes there are a couple sites like that but none give the part numbers. Just google Toyota OEM parts.

Beno is great to deal with. I usually look up the parts in my EPC then send him a spread sheet, he sends me a quote I call and give him $$$$. I also use the online catalogs to get price estimates.

Buy an EPC on ebay for 20 bucks and look up parts in your spare time like I do...:eek: I have complied a spread sheet of every part I have purchased or want to purchase for my 80 and 40.
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Rumor has it that CDan keeps the parts manual under his pillow at night. Call him. He'll quote you the part number, list price, and mud price without consulting the computer. He'll also suggest anything else you 'may'need depending on what you are doing. Ask and he will help. Beno is the exact same way...without the gray hair! :D
Dan knows what parts you need. That itself is worth the no-hassle cost. you get the correct bolts and gaskets etc...
You also might want to check with your local club, many have discount programs set up with local dealerships which will save on shipping. :cheers:

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