Where to buy LC parts in Ontario, Canada?

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Nov 7, 2006
Breslau, Ontario, Canada
Hey guys,

Anyone know any good places to get land cruiser parts in ontario, canada. Just getting into a restoration for my 1981 BJ42 and looking for some reputable places that people have sourced parts from. Looking for driving distance within the Kitchener / Guelph area. If you have a positive or negative experience and want to share it, I am all ears.

I'm in Ottawa and have been getting parts from 4wheel auto in Edmonton and EBI in Vancouver. Other than that, I pick up a few parts every time i go to the states. Havent found anyone in Ontario except my Toyota dealer, which isn't all bad considering the discount. I get my discount through the local LC club, so maybe that's am option for you! Search trusty rusty in the diesel section and you'll see my rig. Oh, and keep a close eye on the classifieds, that's where i found my 5 speed.

good luck!
x2 on your local dealship, but it helps if you find a parts guy who knows Cruisers, and/or if you have a part number in hand to give them...you will be surprised at what they can find ;)

Would be nice if someone like SOR opened a Canadian office/depot...
Like Ambrew, I'm in Ottawa too and I second the guys at 4WheelAuto in Edmonton. Try and talk with Dan when you call. He seems to be the most knowledgable when it comes to 40's.
i stopped buying from 4wheel after 12 years of being a big budget customer ...
i deal with John at Radd Cruisers now and am happy with him. not near as expensive and John is trustworthy.
NEVER buy used parts from 4 wheel,
what all are you looking for in parts? Dan buys from Japan 4X4 and if you are not in a rush you can cut out the middle man and save some good coin. Dave at Japan 4X4 is a sponsor of this site so you are supporting Mud with Dave, John, (i believe) Steve at extreme bends, i support the site now more with info than with $$$.
also, if not in a rush, look at buying from Oz direct. the bigger the order the more you save. if you order 1 or 2 parts at time then little savings but if you take a close look at your cruiser, make a list of what you need and order all at once then a good amount of change can be saved.
plus i know guys in Ontario that have a bunch of used but in excellent shape, body parts.

shoot me an email if you need to know more.
X2 on John at RADD cruisers... I've known him for close to 20 years, and he's a good guy.

I've bought and sold a couple of things with him.
Hey guys, thanks for all your information and help. I don't have a full list of stuff yet but items for sure included, full brake job (ie. calipers, pads, shoes, rotors, drums, wheel cyldinders, shoes, hardward kits etc.), all 4 rear shackles complete with pins, bushings, hardware.
you might want to slip up and see what i have left for 40 series parts.
i have a small collection of take off parts, new parts that might work for you.
i am mainly into 70 series now.
i keep thinking i might pickup a FJ45 again but with the 75 i doubt it so the parts keep on sitting here.

up to you.
doubt i will be able to make the meetings now that they are mid week, 2.5 hours each way is a bit much for me.
weekend worked better but i understand the desire to change the time.

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