Where to buy E-Z Wiring Harness for FJ40

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Aug 30, 2005
Scottsdale, AZ
Too many "ghosts" in my 71 FJ40, so it is time to do the spaghetti upgrade.

Can any of you direct me to a preferred supplier of the 21 circuit E-Z wire kit for my particluar application? (or are they generic?)

Thanks in advance!

I am getting ready to redo my 55. I think Proffitts got a good price for them too.
Thanks. Ezwiring - fair enough:rolleyes: . For some reason I was having trouble finding it, but I also wanted to know other sources as well for a price point.

Thanks for the tips!
I know the guys at PVCruisers personally. I'll bet my socks if you find a better price, Seth will match it. Just shoot him an e-mail. Also, he's got several cruisers and even helped me tow and wrench on mine in the wee hours once so if you needed advice on install, you'd have a resource from where you bought it.

Just my $.02.
Go to EBay. I just bought a 21 circuit kit for 110.00 plus 15.00 shipping. The unit was brand new in the box will all instructions.

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