Where to buy a high quality version of these tools?

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Aug 21, 2003
Tijeras, NM
I bought few of these from amazon as I manage to snap them by stretching them too much during install. It's my fault I get it as the leverage I'm putting on them is tad high. But, I'd love to know if a better quality, higher tensile strength exists for these things.

Amazon product
Search YouTube for videos on homemade rivnut setting tools, there's lots to look at. I have a Marson tool which is supposed to be high end quality, and I've broken a few mandrels. Frustrating.
Mandrels, yeah that's what they're called. I've used DIY rivnut setting tools but dang if these new fandangle tools don't make short work of compressing those rivnuts when you need to do over a dozen!
I picked up mine from Barnhill Bolt ten years ago or so! Its totally manual and stinks to do a bunch of them. But, it does the job!
Mine are Astro Pneumatic and they work well. You do have to watch on the smaller diameter rivnuts, though. Very easy to use too much force and pull the mandrel right out of the rivnut. Do that a number of times and it strips the mandrel.
How much harder are the steel rivenuts (or equivalent) to install than the aluminum? I need to install 8 and they will either be M8 or M10. I would rather use steel given the service but I'm concerned about getting them in. I would be using the bolt, nut, two washer hand method with a wrench and an impact.
We use the aluminum ones at work and I have the steel ones at home. I don't really feel there is too much difference between the two for similar sizes.
You might want to give Aircraft Spruce a try, they use them alot in the construction of experimental aircraft.
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