where to buy a birfield kit for my 93 cruiser

Feb 19, 2011
Tacoma wash
I need to replace 1 of my birfields on my 1fze 93 land cruiser but when I type it in to the search engine nothing comes up.
I've looked for them on line but prices are anywhere from$94 to $1400 and all the descriptions are vague as if they really don't know what they're selling.
I'll need a full kit as there's more than 300,000 miles on the unit. I looked up Marlins but the website seems to be only the upgrade parts no axles.
This is a daily driver with offroading being Washington backroads but no rock sliding/mudding etc. Thanks. Also know anyone in the Tacoma/Seattle area that does
rebuilds? I don,t trust the dealer as they're too expensive and when questioned the head mechanic had no clues about the seals etc and the mechanics are
independent contractors so you have no idea. A few local toyota repair shops seem too eager for work without a clue. (The shop that rebuilt my engine said he'd charge $150-200 and it'd take about 2 hours..right.)
I'm planning on doing it myself as I've replaced axles on my ford van I do most of my car repairs but I'm 75 now and can't push a torque wrench to it's limit so have to jury rig stuff.
Thanks for the help.

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