Where is your air chuck mount?

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May 13, 2017
I have my dual ARB compressor in the engine bay, but am wanting to route the chuck to the exterior so I don't have to open the hood ever time I want to air up. I was thinking of using the antenna hole that is the Passenger cowl, or making a hole in the cowl on the drivers side behind my ditch light, or perhaps behind the front grill Can you guys that have mounted yours externally show me how you mounted yours?
I would not mount it vertically in the antenna mount cos that will fill with rain/dust/dirt/snow yadayada. I would avoid body mounts because of the thin sheet metal. Do you have after market front and rear bumpers? Pick a spot in one of those and kind of hide it from road crap etc. You could mount an air coupler in a steel bumper behind a spring loaded door for example. Or maybe you have room in you gas filler cap? The cool new couplers are great in that you can just push in the hose end adapter, however you still have to have enough of the coupler visible to push back the cover to release the hose.
I have the US Off-Road metal bumper on the front but otherwise stock front and rear. Didn't think about the filler cap. I will check the clearance. I was also thinking of hiding it in the grill because I can fabricate a mount behind the grill pretty easy. But as you say, it has to be visible enough to push back for the release. As for the debris for it being front facing, I would have to put a cap on it which makes it more visible.
Can't find one on google just now, but I've seen the quick disconnects that have a side push button on them. If hard mounted, it would not be flush though. Last one I saw was on a friend's FZJ-80 and he had it mounted vertically on the rear bumper surface. He just protected it from the elements with a rubber cap (like a crutch/cane tip).
Here's one...the silver round part is the release button, encapsulated with a blue plastic. Then he just put the rubber cap over the open end.
Id just pop the hood. Lets the hot air out while you are using the compressor. Lets you check out the engine bay after a day of wheeling. All good things. Sure the novelty of plugging in to a bumper or something is cool, but just seems unnecessary.

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