Where is there a DIY on a 3-spd to 4-spd swap?

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Sep 2, 2008
Tulsa, OK
Nevermind. Please close. I don't have the technical know-how to do this myself...

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its all bolt in using stock parts its just plain hard work .we all started somewhere and learned plenty of help on here.
It's just a big mechano set.

I did most of my conversion stuff before mud here was even thought of. If you can find the parts we'll help
walk you through it.
Thank you guys for your responses. I posted the original thread, kept on reading, edited my original thread, got completely overwhelmed with everything and then edited the thread posting to its current state.

I have owned my 40 for 2 years, and driven it maybe 3-4 times. It was at the machine shop for the better part of a year, and is now racking up the months in paint. To be honest, I just want to get a chance to drive the thing and enjoy it before we part ways - something that probably won't get to happen for a very long time if I end up trying to transplant a 4-spd in there... Not being negative, just realistic...

Thank you guys,
I feel your worries. I was going to attempt the Knuckle rebuild and replace the axle bearings once I got a chance. was scared I would screw soemthing up and couldn't get it back together properly but was going to bite the bullet and try.
but sold my house in a day and will be loosing my garage in just over a week so now I have to pay someone to get it done cause I dont want to attempt this on the street. lol since my Van down by the river don't have a garage.

to bad you dont get to drive yours more. dont drop all that $ into it and not get to at least get to PLaY with it. I have only got to drive mine a few times due to fixing things or getting things fixed and been a Blast every time.

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