Where is my oil going?!

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Are you set up to pull the engine?

Allow 2 days to disconnect and pull the engine. Allow the same to drop it back in.
If you've got solid help, or done lots of engine in/out you can probably do it quicker. For the shade tree guy, there's a lot to disconnect, clean, organise, fix and replace/reinstall.

I'd do a thorough degrease, assess what leaks you actually have to deal with.
A lot of the common leaks are repairable in the vehicle.
If you want to do FR & RR crank seals, than you have no choice.

Pulling the engine out to fix a distributor o-ring leak fits with MUD level CDO* though :lol:

*OCD with the letters in alphabetical order as they SHOULD BE!
The long-short is yes, I’m set up to pull the engine. And my 80 is an extra car (even though I just put the front end of my GX back together to put a new headlight housing and HID ballast back in), so I could take my time.

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