Where in FSM does it talk about Fluid exchange?

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Mar 23, 2005
Arroyo Grande, CA
Can someone tell me what 'folder' the ATF maintenance is in?

So I have the downloaded version of the FSM, but I've never been able to locate the steps for doing fluid maintenance. I found the one folder, (under "1997 Landcruiser repair manual"), that is called "Preparation" where it states how much fluid and tools etc to have on hand. But nothing with the steps/pictures like Im used to seeing in other FSM's?

BTW Im specifically looking for steps for the AT, (as it pertains to the FSM).

There's a whole section (pretty large) just on the tranny. One part of that is PM and fluids.

Yep, I've looked through the primary Automatic Transmission folder. There are about 10 folders there, none of which cover fluids or PM that I have found.

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