Where have the affordable door pins gone?

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Nov 6, 2003
Frankfort Ky
CCOT is sold out, SOR wants $23 with only 8 bushings included. Noone else sells them that I 've checked today and last night. And how many bushings are needed for both doors in total, SOR wants $1.50 per extra bushing, a 2 cent f'n bushing. What size are the pins and bushings, ID, and OD, I'll search the tooling companies and find a set of 20 bushings for a buck probably. Sorry to ask, but I no longer have a set of pins and can't take my own measurements. Thanks
8 bushings all you need. One at each end of 4 hinges. 8. ;)
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i've used a mangled straw in a pinch.

For the hinge pin, Ige?
If 8 is all I need, then why did I have to pry the little buggers out of the hinge mounts on the body side, and from the door side. 8 are for the doors part, how many for the body part? Maybe there not needed, but the PO thought they were!
One for each end of the pin. Maybe those were bits of plastic straw the PO stuck in there? ???
LOL Possibly!!
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For the hinge pin, Ige?
nope for a bushing...once you remove the doors it's shot though.
Actually saw some (with bushings) at a Discount Parts store about a year ago, couldn't believe it, but they were definitely the right ones. Couple of bucks I recall.
measure your old ones. Then go down to napa and see what they have. Take the bushing with you. I have seen little bags with them in it for cheap. I know they are the right size because my eye is precisely calibrated. You might stumble on to something for wayyy cheap. Oh and just to rub it it, cool cruisers sent me mine free with my last 2 orders.

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