where do you mount a York Compressor

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Feb 14, 2009
Portland, Oregon
Ok, i just read a thread where someone is rebuilding a York Compressor. I looked up a few things. Turns out I got one off the fj-62 that I stripped out. Just where would a guy mount this on and F engine?
See what you can find in here. One of the links is a fj40 with a custom passenger side mount that accomodates the York, on board welder alt. and vehicle charging system alt. Pretty trick! Thanks to all those peeps that psoted these things up for the rest of us to learn from!

air comp file:
York air compressor
Bronco Air - York Air Compressor Bracket for Ford Broncos
Onboard Air / Welder
On-Board-Air Using a York Compressor - Jeepaholics Anonymous
350 Chev custom brackets (or the truth about Theo's fan belts)
Air Conditioning Compressors
On-Board Air - Lubrication
3rd one down to save ya a bit of time. Just copied my bookmarks under "onboard air".

My apologies to the author, for what ever reason, the title page and author references are not aparent in the bookmark. Please consider credit for a job well done.

Not to hijack but when the author responds:
Did you regret facing the York's air fittings towards the engine?
Onboard Air / Welder

Should a known THis came form the Mud Tech pages! Listed under Charlie Glabe; elswhere it is attributed to "Pinhead"

Sorry, it bothered me and now I know why.

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