where do i get a fiberglass body tub?

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Jan 11, 2015
Maui, Hawaii
I'm looking for a website for a company that makes very solid fiberglass body tubs built for 4x4 usage. If anyone knows of any cool sites that might be able to help me out please post a link in the comments thanks guys
If you are determined to use fiberglass try Malotte Manufacturing in Lincoln, Ca. Just north of Sacramento.
Fiberglass tubs are by no means inexpensive as some may think but if your looking for something w the factory look on a complete tub its not a bad way to go (although some may question you) I have personally spent quite a bit of time looking at both products and comparing the two.That being said if your going fiberglass....Gozzard would be the better choice of the two.

If you compare the two side by side,there are several quality differences.Mike (Gozzard) has gone the extra mile to have a proper fitting tub with the right mounts,lines and vents with a superior quality in strength.He also is a big Cruiserhead that takes pride (like crazy!) in what he does.

I am not trying to trash Malotte here but feel the money that you spend is far superior if you truly compare them.I realize that there may be people out there that are happy with their Malotte tubs so please don't attack me on this,just sharing my true comparison.

We do not carry product from either company.I just wanted to make that clear in case anyone may have thought that this had a reason for my opinion.

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