Where do I drill my SR sleeve through at??

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Jan 15, 2006
On the tech section, and from Proffitts instructions, I see to drill it 42" back from the center of the front hangar. It also says to drill an inch up from the bottom of the frame, but is that to the center of the 1.5" hole or to the bottom of the hole?
Center. The sleeve will go thru just above the bottom of frame. remember ther is an 1/8 thick inner frame that channels inside outside rail right thru that area . So looking from outside it should have the bottom of new hole approx. 1/4 to .5 in. up . from experience the .5 up gets the spring eye rubbbing frame at stuff unless you use some long shackles.
Thats basically what I did. I went just high enough to clear the bottom of the frame. My shackles (aftermarket) had centers in them that hit on the frame now. I cut the centers back a bit and got more travel out of them, but I think I might need to get some different shackles. what type should I be using there? Ones without center reinforcements at all?
Well the center bar type work if you use the 4 in. ones. And even then the bar hits. I got the dogbone MAF ones with no center and I like em. I would stay away from anything longer than 4 ". Mine let the spring eye rub on frame at full stuf but who cares , it is nice and flat there and it stays greased so it is no matter if the spring rubs it.
Check TPI 4x4 for some good prices.

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