Where can I locate this "missing" piece to my transmission

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Nov 23, 2009
Dallas, TX
Is there a cover or something that would bilt up to the bottom of my transmission. It looks like there was something on there at one point. Was it possibly removed to allow for the v8 swap? I dont like the clutch and other componenets beingwide open to mud, water, debris etc.


that looks like a late 50s cast truck bell housing they had tin covers.probably junkyard or ebay .
the first Downey V8 conversion I did back in the 80's had that design and yes, junkyard was my source for the covers. X2 on Ebay sugegstion.

The newer- design cast aluminum AA belhousing uses the Toyota covers.

not sure which is for yours but here's a sample of what I found quickly


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V8 Same Problem

Had the same issue on a 350V8 in an FJ40. Wasn't the easiest part to track down, but junk yard or ebay would be my starting point.

I would get the engine numbers first, so you know what you are looking for.
engine number? that might be interesting trivia but ain't gonna tell you squat about the splash guards you need. It consists of 2 separate pieces, IIRC.

The OP may want to contact Jim Sickles (of former Downey) as I am sure he would know the application(s) of the old-style cast-iron belhousing. I can see no reason why he wouldn't share that info with you and may be able to source them as well.

One could also try the parts counter of your friendly local Government Motors dealer.
another pic of that old adapter bellhousing cool ,what you want looks like this .
there actually is two pieces to cover that up ,the pic i posted is of the bottom cover
there is also a flat piece that goes on the front side of it .that gets sandwiched between the starter and the bellhousing if that makes sense
Great feedback. Thanks guys. The # on the block is 3970010 as as best i can tell it was manufactured between the years of 69-79. Does that narrow down my seach parameters any? I'm sure they differ between cars and truck don't they?

Thanks !

the engine numbers are meaningless in identifying the splash covers you are after. Please read or reread my post 5. You are really after the belhousing application. Nothing else matters.

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